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Our interview process is an opportunity for us to learn about your experience and career interests, and also for you to understand more about the role, our team and culture to determine if there is a mutual fit. To see our Interview Tips click here.

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Title   Job Code   Job Category   LocationAscending  
Civil / Geotechnical Engineer 1617-DX20 Geotechnical Australia - Brisbane
Engineering Geologist 1585-DX20 Geology Australia - Brisbane
Geotechnical Engineer / Engineering Geologist 1678-DX20 Geotechnical Australia - Brisbane
Intermediate - Senior Civil or Surface Water Engineer 1560-DX20 Water Resources Australia - Brisbane
Resident Engineer 1657-DX20 Civil Australia - Brisbane
Senior Civil and Geotechnical 1616-DX20 Geotechnical Australia - Brisbane
Hydrogeologist - All Career Levels 1618-DX21 Hydrogeology Australia - Newcastle
Senior Civil / Geotechnical Engineer 1537-DX20 Geotechnical Australia - Newcastle
Civil / Geotechnical Engineer 1636-DX30 Geotechnical Australia - Perth
Intermediate - Senior Civil / Water Engineer 1536-DX30 Civil Australia - Perth
Document Controller 1534-M20 Corporate Administrative Brazil - Belo Horizonte
Intermediate/Senior Geotechnical Engineer 1528-M20 Geotechnical Brazil - Belo Horizonte
Senior Hydrogeologist 1592-M21 Hydrogeology Brazil - Belo Horizonte
Intermediate Geotechnical/Civil Engineer 1598-A21 Geotechnical Canada - Calgary
Intermediate or Senior Structural/Civil Engineer 1658-A21 Structural Canada - Calgary
Junior or Intermediate Civil/Water Resources Engineer 1661-A21 Water Resources Canada - Calgary
Senior Civil/Water Resources Engineer 1674-A21 Water Resources Canada - Calgary
Senior Geotechnical Engineer 1599-A21 Geotechnical Canada - Calgary
Senior Hydrogeologist 1654-A21 Hydrogeology Canada - Calgary
Vegetation and Wetland Ecologist 1663-A21 Environmental Canada - Calgary
Intermediate or Senior Civil/Geotechnical Engineers 1558-A20 Civil Canada - Edmonton
Junior Geotechnical or Civil Engineer 1660-A21 Geotechnical Canada - Edmonton
Junior or Intermediate Civil/Water Resources Engineer 1661-A21 Civil Canada - Edmonton
Project Administrator 1675-A21 Corporate Administrative Canada - Edmonton
Senior Civil/Water Resources Engineer 1674-A21 Water Resources Canada - Edmonton
Vegetation and Wetland Ecologist 1663-A21 Environmental Canada - Edmonton
Intermediate Civil Engineer 1624-M21 Civil Canada - Fredericton
Intermediate Geotechnical Engineer 1623-M21 Geotechnical Canada - Fredericton
Junior Civil Engineer 1667-M21 Civil Canada - Fredericton
Senior Civil Engineer 1683-M21 Civil Canada - Fredericton
Senior Geotechnical Engineer 1682-M21 Geotechnical Canada - Fredericton
Senior Tailings Engineer 1680-M21 Geotechnical Canada - Fredericton
Senior Water Resources Engineer 1591-M21 Water Resources Canada - Fredericton
Intermediate or Senior Civil/Geotechnical Engineer 1546-A20 Geotechnical Canada - Saskatoon
Intermediate or Senior Structural/Civil Engineer 1630-A21 Structural Canada - Saskatoon
Office Administrator 1655-A21 Corporate Administrative Canada - Saskatoon
Intermediate Civil Engineer 1642-M21 Civil Canada - Sudbury
Lab Supervisor 1628-M21 Geotechnical Canada - Sudbury
Senior Civil/Geotechnical Engineer 1604-M21 Geotechnical Canada - Sudbury
Senior Environmental Geoscientist 1626-M21 Geoscience Canada - Sudbury
Senior Tailings Engineer 1604-M21 Geotechnical Canada - Sudbury
Senior Civil Engineer 1647-M21 Civil Canada - Toronto
Senior Geological Engineer 1643-M21 Geotechnical Canada - Toronto
Senior Geotechnical Engineer 1664-M21 Geotechnical Canada - Toronto
Senior Water Resources Engineer 1648-M21 Water Resources Canada - Toronto
Administrative Assistant 1649-P21 Corporate Administrative Canada - Vancouver
Civil / Hydrotechnical Engineer 1668-P21 Hydrotechnical Canada - Vancouver
Civil Engineer 1676-P21 Civil Canada - Vancouver
Financial Tax Accountant & Analyst 1671-C21 Finance/Accounting Canada - Vancouver
Intermediate Bridge Engineer 1531-P20 Bridges Canada - Vancouver
Intermediate Civil Engineer 1641-M21 Civil Canada - Vancouver
Junior Civil / Hydrotechnical Engineer 1673-P21 Civil Canada - Vancouver
Project Controller 1571-M21 Corporate Administrative Canada - Vancouver
QHSE Coordinator 1679-C21 Quality Canada - Vancouver
Senior Bridge Engineer 1530-P20 Bridges Canada - Vancouver
Senior Civil / Hydrotechnical Engineer 1677-P21 Hydrotechnical Canada - Vancouver
Senior Geoscientist 1662-M21 Geoscience Canada - Vancouver
Senior Geotechnical Engineer 1645-M21 Geotechnical Canada - Vancouver
Senior Marine Structural Engineer 1619-P21 Structural Canada - Vancouver
Senior Structural Engineer 1670-P21 Structural Canada - Vancouver
Senior Tailings Engineer 1669-M21 Geotechnical Canada - Vancouver
Intermediate Hydrogeologist 1532-M20 Hydrogeology Peru - Lima
Intermediate/Senior Geotechnical Engineer 1646-M21 Geotechnical Peru - Lima
Geotechnical Engineer 1576-A20 Geotechnical United Kingdom - York
Office Administrator 1656-A21 Corporate Administrative United Kingdom - York
Senior Geotechnical/Civil Engineer 1631-A21 Geotechnical United Kingdom - York
Intermediate Civil Engineer 1625-M21 Civil United States - Phoenix
Intermediate Geotechnical Engineer 1640-M21 Geotechnical United States - Phoenix
Intermediate Water Resources Engineer 1639-M21 Water Resources United States - Phoenix
Senior Tailings Engineer 1681-M21 Geotechnical United States - Phoenix
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