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Biologist/Biochemist (18 Month Term) (#22561)
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The purpose of this position is to provide support to Research & Development activities according to the Government of Canada Science & Technology priorities, CANDU Owners Group, commercial and internal research activities investigating the biological effects of ionizing radiation as it relates to radiological protection and nuclear medicine. The incumbent will become a part of a vibrant team of researchers who carry out and support various research areas, such as cancer biology, mutagenesis, epigenetics and immunology - in the context of radiobiology. The incumbent would report to a senior project scientist and/or directly to the Branch Manager.



The recruited candidate will have the overall responsibility for the day-to-day supervision and management of research activities that have been approved and assigned to him/her.  This includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Supporting research and development activities that align with CNL and Health Program strategic direction and stakeholder input
  • Supporting existing research projects and proposing new projects
  • Managing research projects for all stakeholders, including customers
  • Actively participating and contributing to team initiatives at company, program, branch and section levels
  • Conducting biological research to improve understanding of how mammalian cells, tissues and organisms respond to ionizing radiation.Specifically, priority will be given to immunological/inflammatory responses and links to epigenetic DNA methylation and transcriptomics in the context of cancer development and therapy.Other research areas include using gene editing techniques (such as CRISPR-cas9) to identify intrinsic determinants of individual radio-sensitivity and radio-resistance.Both external and internal irradiations will be examined, with a potential involvement of metal metabolism.
  • Ensuring the continued progress in specific projects involving radiation-induced cataracts and radiation therapy and adaptive immunity.
  • Working with and directing technical staff for in vitro laboratory experiments with specialized cell lines.
  • Exposing cell lines to gamma radiation where required
  • Supervising experiments using a hypoxia chamber
  • Analyzing and interpreting experimental data, using general statistics and graphing software as well as specialized analysis packages
  • Preparing manuscripts for publication in peer-reviewed journals, as well as research reports for internal or external customers
  • Preparing and presenting talks and poster presentations at internal and external conferences, seminars and meetings
  • Attending and participating in project meetings to organize experimental work.
  • Supervising the day-to-day activities as well as providing technical guidance, on-the-job training and leadership for technical staff and students
  • Producing administrative, progress, scientific and technical reports
  • Working with Business Development to ensure maximum impact is achieved for research projects
  • Maintaining approved external communications with partners, collaborators, clinicians, customers and other parties with respect to research projects, results and applications
  • Ensuring that all activities are carried out with due diligence relative to established Quality Assurance/Quality Control requirements and Standard Operating Procedures, applicable environmental and safety regulations and requirements (industrial, biological, radiological), and company policies and procedures (including relevant labour contracts



  • A PhD in a Biology/Immunology discipline, from a university of recognized standing
  • Experience in one or more of the following fields (in order of priority) is preferred: Radiobiology, immunology, cell biology, molecular biology, mouse models of cancer, cancer biology, epigenetics
  • Experience with large in vivo studies, including mouse handling, planning and implementation of sacrifices and tissue handling and processing is preferred
  • Experience utilizing in vitro and in vivo systems, collecting tissues for end-point measurements and running various cellular, molecular and biochemical assays using a wide range of general and specialized laboratory equipment (e.g. hypoxia chamber, flow cytometer, cytokine assay by Bioplex, histology, DNA/RNA/protein analysis, confocal microscopy)
  • Strong theoretical knowledge and practical skills/experience in mouse cancer models, mammalian immune responses, metabolism of metals, mammalian microbiome, analyses of whole-genome DNA data - as demonstrated by peer-reviewed publications, conference abstracts, research reports or fellowships
  • Expertise in design and execution of in vivo cancer models to look at tumorigenesis and underlying molecular mechanisms
  • Experience with Gene Editing Techniques such as CRISPR-Cas9 preferred
  • Expertise in microfluidics and 3-D printing is an asset
  • Expertise in low-dose radiation (LDR) research, including design and implementation of LDR projects and experiments
  • Demonstrated ability to publish his/her research results as lead or senior author in peer-reviewed scientific literature
  • Effective English oral communication skills for presenting results of his/her research to both scientific and lay (non-professional) audiences as demonstrated by a record of conference, workshop and meeting presentations
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and be effective working in diverse team as well as the ability to work independently
  • Experience in training and supervising technologists and students preferred
  • Knowledge of software such as Excel, Word, Power Point, Sigma Plot, End Note, Mendeley
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