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Relief ASD Ship Assist Tug Master
Company - Location Seaspan Marine - North Vancouver, BC - 10 Pemberton Avenue
Employment Duration Permanent hourly
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Relief ASD Ship Assist Tug Master

The Relief Azimuth Stern Drives ( ASD ) Tug Master will be  accountable for the efficient operation of the vessel and will have the complete authority and responsibility to take all necessary actions to ensure the safety and security of the crew, equipment, cargo and the environment. This includes taking the complete control of the vessel during all onboard incidents and emergency situations.

The Master will be responsible for the navigation and discipline of the crew. This role is charged with ensuring that all Canadian and International laws are followed properly, and that all company’s policies are fully complied with.

The successful candidate will start on the Mates seniority list while they comply the companies required Seaway’s training.  Once the Relief Master has met the requirements set out by the company’s Operations Manuel, they will be transferred to the Masters Seniority List .


Duties and Accountabilities

  • Complies with company policies and SOPs and ensures that all officers and crew understand and follow all policies, procedures, orders and instructions.
  • Ensures the vessel is operated in compliance with Canadian and International legislation and ensures on board compliance with the International Safety Management (ISM) Code.
  • Takes the complete control of the vessel during all onboard incidents and emergency situations, even if it may result into a deviation from documented procedures.
  • Maintains communication with dispatching team and ensures that all dispatches are carried out safely, efficiently and to the highest standards possible.
  • Maintains communication regarding vessel machinery with the Chief Engineer and Shore Engineer. Co-signs all written reports originated by the Chief Engineer relating to accidents, damage and any matter concerning the seaworthiness of the vessel.
  • Takes charge of the bridge whenever necessary.
  • Approves all orders for deck, vessel stores or galley equipment before submitting to the office.
  • Reduces food waste and maintains minimum inventories.
  • Attends to the vessel’s business promptly and accurately (e.g. incident and injury reports, articles, customs, logbooks, reports, overtime, repair list, deck and provision orders).
  • Ensures that routine maintenance on the vessel is carried out and that the status of maintenance is communicated to Engineering and recorded in the Deck Logbook.
  • Practices fuel conservation with due consideration of operational commitments, safety and weather conditions.
  • Conducts Deck Level Hazard Assessments (DLHA), along with the crew, to assess a specific work task prior to starting the work to determine if hazards are present.
  • Ensures that all crew members understand their responsibilities under the CLC Part II and MOHS Regulations.
  • Acts as a First Aid Officer in the absence of a Mate.
  • Works with the Environmental Management System (EMS) Representative to ensure that the EMS is effectively implemented and that all crew members understand the environmental hazards associated with all activities in the respective area of responsibility.
  • Fosters high standard of teamwork and communication with crew members on board the vessel.
  • Evaluates the capabilities and performance levels of each member of the crew.
  • Ensures that the vessel is properly crewed, and all personnel are trained and familiar with their duties and carry them out safely, efficiently and effectively. Ensures that all new crew members receive a thorough vessel orientation and t rains the crew in their duties of the next rank up.
  • Responds to all incidents and emergencies and reports them following the incident reporting protocol.
  • Monitors that emergency and security drills are held as per the Drill Schedule.
  • Periodically reviews the MOM (each section must be reviewed at least annually). Annually reports the review to the Port Captains department to maintain the highest level of safety, care and efficiency throughout all Seaspan operations.
  • Reports any suggested improvements, observed deficiencies and departures from policies and procedures to the Port Captain’s Department.
  • Ensures cooperation between the deck and engine room personnel.
  • Provides adequate notice to the Chief Engineer before requiring the use of the main engine.
  • Designates an officer as the Officer in Charge in the case of absence.
  • Performs additional duties as required.


Qualification Requirements

  • Master Mariner or Master Near Coastal certification.
  • Master 3000 Near Coast and Master 3000 Domestic certification .  
  • Master 500 Near Coast and Master 500 Domestic certification . 
  • Previous experience as a Master onboard of a similar vessel.
  • Operational experience on ASD ShipAssist Tugboats.


Skills, Knowledge and Required Competencies

  • Understanding of all collective agreements currently in force between Seaspan and the vessel’s crew members.
  • Comprehensive understanding of all SOPs relevant to the respective area of operations.
  • Knowledge of Canadian legislation, including the Canada Shipping Act (CSA) and its regulations, such as the Regulations for the Prevention of Collision at Sea (COLREGS).
  • Understanding of responsibilities under the Canada Labour Code (CLC) Part II and Maritime Occupational Health and Safety (MOHS) Regulations.
  • Understanding of the company Health, Safety, Wellness, Environmental and Quality Policies.
  • People management skills with ability to delegate work.
  • Ability to direct and use all safety and firefighting equipment on the tug.
  • Ability to work continuous v essels with shifts from 1 to 3 weeks in length.
  • Ability to make decisions under pressure.
  • Ability to communicate clearly and consistently.


Seaspan is committed to Employment Equity, supports diversity in the workplace, and encourages applications from all qualified individuals including, women, members of visible minorities, Indigenous persons, and persons with disabilities. Furthermore, we are committed to providing an inclusive and accessible environment. If you require reasonable accommodation during the recruitment process, please let us know, and we will work with you to support your request.

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