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CNL Ombudsman
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The Ombudsman will work with individuals, organizations, and leadership to help resolve concerns and facilitate improvements in the workplace. Their work involves investigating, meeting with individuals and stakeholders, helping to identify and broker solutions or agreements, and in some cases simply connecting or referring people.  The Ombudsman supports the CNL workforce in carrying out their responsibilities safely, productively, and without distraction by serving as an independent, confidential, neutral, and informal resource to help the CNL workforce identify, address, and resolve individual, group, and systemic concerns, without fear of reprisal.The Ombudsman will perform their duties while respecting all existing formal mechanisms, agreements, and policies/procedures.  The Ombudsman reports to the COO and interacts with the combined function of the CEO/COO.


Work with individuals and groups to resolve workplace problems of any kind

  • Identify a range of responsible options
  • Explore pros, cons, and assess risks
  • Share strategies for preventing, managing, and resolving conflicts, as well as constructive problem-solving techniques
  • Help staff find their own solutions
  • Perform their duties without impacting or affecting the already defined collective agreement terms or established terms of employment.
  • Maintaining impartiality in the execution of roles and responsibilities.
  • Hold all communications with those seeking assistance in strict confidence.Case records are not maintained.No communication is shared without the individual’s express permission, unless required by law.

Serve as a liaison between leadership, management, and non-represented employees

  • Mediating disputes, using shuttle diplomacy, or other effective measures
  • Intervenes at the request of the individual requestor and with the agreement of both parties

Work with groups/teams as an independent facilitator to address workplace challenges and to strengthen collaboration, engagement, and accountability as requested.May request support from appropriately qualified staff within CNL.

Serve as a neutral “third party”

  • Strive for impartiality, fairness, and objectivity in the treatment of people and consideration of issues
  • Advocate for fair and equitably administered processes, but not an advocate for any individual within CNL
  • Supplements, but does not replace, existing formal channels.The Ombudsman does not participate in any formal investigative, adjudicative, managerial, or oversight capacity.Where appropriate, the Ombudsman directs individuals to the appropriate formal channel.
  • May take other assignments/projects at the direction of the CEO/COO, so long as they do not create an actual or perceived conflict of interest.



  • College diploma or University degree in related discipline is an asset
  • Formal training in dispute/conflict resolution methodologies and other relevant skill areas would be an asset
  • Ethics training


  • Credible and widely-trusted individual with strong ethics and accountability
  • Fair and responsive with all constituents
  • Experience in coaching individuals in utilizing conflict / dispute resolution skills and techniques
  • Familiar with CNL policies and procedure such as the Code of Conduct

Abilities and Skills

  • Strong facilitation skills
  • Sincere desire to serve customers and improve the CNL experience
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Excellent problem-solving skills, including strong analytical skills
  • Knowledgeable and experienced with a wide variety of tools and techniques used to facilitate dialogue and prevent / resolve conflicts
  • Self-starter
  • Ability to effectively prioritize to meet deadlines for timely resolution of issues and reporting

Job/Industry Specific Knowledge

  • Understands CNL culture, with relationships across multiple organizations
  • Understands the structure and programs (e.g., Human Resources) at CNL
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